Programs of Fruit & Veggie Carving Classes:

Level I Classes Content- Flowers, Utensils, Insects, Sea Creatures and Centerpiece.

Introduction to using special tools, simple techniques, and carving a variety of flowers with vegetables, fruit and melons. Learn to carve insects, utensils, sea creatures, a beautiful floral centerpiece with every day vegetable and fresh greenery.

Upon the complexioned Level I classes, you will be able to create a beautiful centerpiece with a variety vegetable flowers, Fruit display with carved utensils, Plate garnish with sea creatures. This ancient art that will amaze your friends and family, when they see your masterpiece.

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Level II Classes Content- Thai Carving Techniques

Introduction to using Thai carving knife to learn how to carve, flowers, leaves, displays and Melon carving centerpieces.

Upon the complexioned Level II classes, you will be able to create a beautiful centerpiece with variety Thai knife skills. You will be able to create variety Melon flower designs, logos, Names for special event centerpiece, such like Birthday party, Anniversaries etc.

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Level III Classes content — Advanced Birds, Animals & Integrated showpiece.

Advanced carving techniques to carve birds such as swans, peacocks, eagle, cranes, and others like dragon, watermelon lantern and Advanced Melon Carving design to arrange with flowers and birds to create integrated show pieces.

Students who want to take Level III classes must be passed the evaluations to have enough carving skill and experience.

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