Professional Fruit & Vegetable Carving Knife, 8 Pieces

Price: $103.00

Made in Solingen Germany.

The various shaped blades are hardened and hand sharpened to make the work of delicate shapes and contour possible. This high-quality 8-piece Carving Knife Set includes:

1) A1 Small U carving knife
2) A3 Medium U carving knife
3) D Square u carving knife
4) E2 Small V carving knife
5) F2 Medium V carving knife
The above carving knives are used for the production of semicircular and round forms such as petals, fish scales and other ornamentation.
6) Paring carving knife – The tool most often use and required for almost every decoration.
7) G- melon baller ø20 mm – The key to creating spheres of papaya , melons , potatoes , radishes and other vegetables
8) Ceramic sharpening stone W
Dishwasher safe.


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